What makes me, me

Published January 24, 2012 by npony


I had a huge lifestyle change at the end of my summer holidays of 2011. I had always been the chubby one out of my sisters ( I have 5 sisters!). It just got to the point where I wasn’t happy with myself and who I was becoming. So after many failed attempts to diet and exercise I came across some things that have completely changed my life.

The first is the Keto diet. I know it might seem like just another of those diets but after reading so much about it and all the success stories, I just decided to try it and see how it went. I have never felt so energetic in my entire life. It basically increase healthy fats and cuts your carbohydrates intake down by a LOT! I didn’t ever think I could do this because I love sweets and cakes so much but I have found so many different alternatives. The good thing is, is that I love cheese, meats, olives, peanuts (the list  can go on) and I could still have all of these things.

I think the main thing with the keto diet is that it really helps you cut calories down by a lot and not even feeling hungry. I have started to incorporate a lot more protein into my diet now to help with my lifting but I lost about 6kg with the keto diet. One thing I loved is that I gave myself a cheat meal once a week where I could eat anything I had not been able to. I think this was the key to me sticking to it.


The second thing is Boxing. There is this class at my gym that runs Boxing style  classes that incorporate HIIT training into it. This is my form of cardio because I just don’t enjoy cross trainers or running machines ect. I just find them super boring! Anyway I go once or twice a week and basically get my butt kicked. It is a hard hard workout. I still leave it now with a tomato red face. But I love every minute of it. I have learnt all about different boxing techniques and gotten a lot better at crunches and pushups! My favourite move is the crunch and punch!


Thirdly Pilates has been a bit part of my whole change. I really wanted to get flexible and have more control over my body so after a lot of research I knew pilates was the answer. It is similar to yoga but involves a lot of core movements. It is very challenging at times and I was awful at it when I first started. I really had no control! I now go once a week to a class at my gym but I also do some in my room sometimes. Its quite nice to get a free ten minutes and just squeeze in some pilates. My boyfriend is so supportive he bought me a nice new yoga matt when I started!


Last but not least, of course, is LIFTING HEAVY. I guess I can’t really call it that when I started. We all start somewhere. I started with and I am currently still using the Strong lifts 5×5 programme. It is great for beginners. I must admit I felt like an absolute fool when I first starting going by only lifting the bar and probably doing the technique all wrong. But my boyfriend and I started it at the same time so we go together and mentor each other. I know have the current stats;

Squat – 57.5kg @ 5×5

Bench Press – 32.5kg @ 5×5

Overhead Press – 22.5kg @ 5×5

Pendlay Row – 35kg @ 5×5

Deadlift – 60kg @ 5×5

I am also training myself to do a chin up. But I can still only do  a max of 5 negative chin ups after my workout.


I look back at the beginning of my huge change and I am starting to feel so proud of myself and happy in my own skin. I know that I have a long way to go. I am not really 100% sure of what goals I want to reach, which may seem really silly, but I am just pushing myself to see how far I can take this.


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