People who inspire me

Published January 24, 2012 by npony

My introduction to the world of web fitness and blogging was Casey of Blogilates. She makes working out so much fun! Every time I take part in one of her online Pilates tutorials, I feel like she is right with me pushing me through it.Even though she is actually half way across the world.

She recently became one of youtubes next trainers which introduced me to Strong like susan. She has only a small collection of videos but she is one inspiring woman. She looks fantastic and her workouts are awesome.

About this time I started doing Strong lifts 5×5 weight lifting programme. I did a lot of research into women and lifting. I have always had that ‘if women lift they will get bulky’ phrase stuck in my head and it took a while to budge. I came across the girls gone strong group, a group of weight lifting women. They can all lift crazy amounts and they look so feminine still.  They are trying to encourage women to get into the weight room to show them what it can do for their body. I think the women themselves are example enough.

I have heard many people ask how to get a body like an oxygen model. Well I now know it is this simple, lift heavy. I mean obviously you new to be eating properly too- it is 80% diet and 20% exercise. But this 20% exercise should be getting in that weight room and picking up the heavy stuff.

One women who inspired me in the world of lifting the most in Jamie Eason, who I discovered through She has a huge part in training regimes and diet plans which can really get you started. She is a fitness model and has been on the cover of oxygen.

I know that it can be a long journey to get to the body you want, but it is always important to have people to look up to.


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