More thoughts on women lifting

Published February 3, 2012 by npony

So I haven’t written anything for a couple of days, which is a bit disappointing. But I have had a busy couple of days. Exam results are through for my first set of results that actually count towards my degree. It went well.  Anyway I found a few extra things that people might be interesting regarding lifting.

Firstly an article I found on called skinny fat.

So who would you rather look like, the runway model on the left, or the athlete on the right?

To summarise the article; To be lean, you must have a low body fat percentage. To be ‘toned’ you must have muscle definition combined with low body fat levels (usually below 20%). You cannot look toned without having muscle.The only way a women can look bigger than she was, if is she was building muscle and not losing the excess fat. But if you increase your muscle mass, you can burn the excess fat over time.

The best way to achieve the toned look is to decrease your body fat percentage by cardio and eating less. Then build up muscle mass by lifting.

Read the full article here;

Secondly I wanted to address how lifting can affect your menstrual cycle. I read the reddit womens weightroom wednesday thread yesterday and discovered that actually a lot of women worry about how it can affect your period. I haven’t ever really thought about it, but its quite reassuring to know just in case.

I have collected some good articles together about this topic if you are interested;


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