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Hard work and determination

Published May 6, 2012 by npony

So Uni work has been pretty crazy recently. Also exams are fast approaching and as a third year they are more important than ever.

Which explains why I haven’t posted in a while.

So something funny last week- I hosted a big BBQ as the last event of the year for my hall and a couple of friends came. One of them got into a conversation about the army and how they carry about more than 30kg on there back all day- and this is why women arn’t good for it. I said it sounds difficult but I am definitely sure women are capable. Anyway he them challenged me to run with him on my back. He has no idea that I started weight training and when I picked him and ran around with him on my back he was quite impressed. Funny.  I also realised that with my bench progression I can bench my younger brothers weight. I might try this next time I go home.

Some exciting news- I recently decided that I will be entering a power-lifting competition in the coming November. In preparation for nationals in 2013. I have spoken to one of the trainers at my gym and since my lifts already qualify for my weight class, he has agreed to help me along the way. So the first step was looking at my technique. Which he said was great. He gave me some more tips and reminders for each lift, and also helped me with the bar position for low bar squats as I seem to be in the middle of high and low he said. I need to work on my back muscles. Pulls, rows and  chin ups (when I can finally do them without the help of a band). I have also cut my squat down to 75% max on Wednesdays to help increase my other lifts.

He has given me lots of material to read, including this awesome book Strength training anatomy by Frederic Delavier. It is super interesting learning about all the specific muscles used in each lift.  I have been looking for an alternative for pendlay row in my programme as I just do not enjoy it. So I have been looking at different types of rows.

I hopefully should get a lot of training time with him in the summer too as I will be around doing some research at the University. I have a project set up with 2 of my lecturers supervising- its going to be fun- but a lot of hard work.

One thing I want to try and do its cut down to a smaller weight class. This is going to be hard without affecting my lifts (which it will) but I am just going to have to work really hard. And eat a LOT more protein in my diet.

I just bought some new protein powder aswell- so exciting. Its whey isolate – so high protein content and low carb.

Anyway I am going to finish with some pictures for inspiration.

Got all my pictures today from this cool new blog I found-